Activity, projects and equipment.

At least two deposition techniques are used within the group to achieve high quality thin films, namely: radio-frequency (RF) magnetron sputtering and vacuum thermal evaporation. RF magnetron sputtering deposition is realized in a VARIAN ER 3119 unit equipped with a cryogenic pump, the thickness of the thin films is controlled in situ using a piezoceramic at any designed values. The deposition rates have been optimized, for each kind of material, to avoid the mechanical stress. Different substrates are used as compound glasses and plastics or metal sheets. For mechanical and chemical stabilization of target materials, BA-510-Balzers equipment is used within technological online procedure.


  • Nucleu (PN)
  • STAR 65
  • PCCA226
  • PD 52


RF magnetron sputtering

Vacuum thermal evaporation

Quantuum efficiency

High resistivity measurements

Chemical niche

Solar cell