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Excerpt of publications for the year 2017
  1. E. Hasabeldaim, O.M. Ntwaeaborwa, R.E. Kroon, V. Craciun, E. Coetsee, H.C. Swart, Surface characterization and cathodoluminescence degradation of ZnO thin films, APPL SURF SCI 424 412-420 (2017);
  2. J. Hermann, D. Grojo, E. Axente, C. Gerhard, M. Burger, V. Craciun, Ideal radiation source for plasma spectroscopy generated by laser ablation, PHYS REV E 96 (5) 053210 (2017);
  3. P. Prepelita, M. Filipescu, I. Stavarache, F. Garoi, D. Craciun, Transparent thin films of indium tin oxide: morphology-optical investigations, inter dependences anlayzes, APPL SURF SCI 424 (3) 368-373 (2017);
  4. P. Prepelita, I. Stavarache, C. Negrila, F. Garoi, V. Craciun, Chalcogenide thin films deposited by rfMS technique using a single quaternary target, APPL SURF SCI 424 (3) 421-427 (2017);
  5. I. Stavarache, V.A. Maraloiu, C. Negrila, P. Prepelita, I. Gruia, G. Iordache, Photo-sensitive Ge nanocrystal based films controlled by substrate deposition temperature, SEMICOND SCI TECH 32 (10) 105003 (2017);
Excerpt of publications for the year 2016
  1. V. Craciun, D. Cristea, G. Socol, E. Lambers, T. Trusca, S. Fairchild, T. Back, G. Gruen, D. Craciun, Characteristics of LaB6 thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition, J VAC SCI TECHNOL A 34 (5) 051509 (2017)
  2. I. Stavarache, V.A. Maraloiu, P. Prepelita, G. Iordache, Nanostructured germanium deposited on heated substrates with enhanced photoelectric properties, BEILSTEIN J NANOTECH 7 1492-1500 (2016);
  3. D. Craciun, G. Socol, S. Le Caer, L.M. Trinca, A.C. Galca, D. Pantelica, P. Ionescu, V. Craciun, Gamma irradiation oeffects on the properties of indium zinc oxide thin films, THIN SOLID FILMS 614 2-6 (2016);


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